Friday, 12 August 2011

Lindow Man

a follow-up to Mogg's piece from a couple of week's ago. He mentioned offerings in museums....Here is  a picture of the offerings bowl from a ceremony held at Manchester Musuem to mark the (temporary) return of Lindow Man to the north-west. The ceremony is another story in itself which will have to wait...


  1. Alas, he's gone now. I well remember the ceremony and how we brought the winds from all directions to him.

  2. O this is really intriguing....I look at the blog, find no comments and a missing image, add a comment, edit the post to replace the picture and behold! Jenny's comment, original pic and now an extra copy of the post as well...back to the editting desk....

  3. And people still talk about the ceremony, Jenny. It was a good thing to do, a respect to show and I (still) feel privileged to have been part of it